The morning after the Rootstech before

Followers will know I have been at Rootstech 2017 for several days, and now it’s all over for another year.

It has been 3 hectic days, 4 if you include the Innovator Summit, meeting with like-minded family historians, ranging from the novice to the very experienced. I was helping out on the University of Dundee Centre for Archives and Information Studies Exhibitor stand. I studied for my Masters degree in Family and Local History by distance learning with Dundee. I talked to so many people with British ancestry who wanted to know more about their heritage and how and where to access information which is not available on line.

We often say “It’s a Small World” well yes it really is!  I travelled 4703 miles (7569 km) from my home to Salt Lake City. On day one of the conference, I met an American professional genealogist, who is also a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, as I am. This lady had once lived in the UK and it transpired that she had moved into the small Cambridgeshire village of Great Paxton at around the time I moved out of the same village. So we took a selfie, however as I forgot to ask her permission to post it, I do not feel able to post it quite yet. I appear to have featured in a number of photos across social media, some flattering, some less so…the power of social media can be quite frightening at times!

I started my blog by writing about conference ribbons, so here is the final count, in order to avoid tripping up over them I split them into 3 rows so here is a photo of my final tally.





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