Farewell Salt Lake City

We leave Salt Lake City on February 14th (very appropriate for me!). Regular followers may remember we have visited Lambs Diner and Grill several times to eat brunch. This restaurant reminds me of a stereotypical American diner, with booths and a long bar where you can partake of the typical American menu items. So for my final day I ordered blueberry pancakes. What I did not expect was a pile of 3 pancakes, each the size of a side plate, piled up with butter and maple syrup. Delicious as it was, it was just too much for me to eat, and was sufficient to keep me going until “wine o’clock” at our hotel where each evening they offer glasses of red or white wine, or beer to residents, accompanied by various snacks. A tough assignment but someone has to do it!

As it was our last day in SLC, @TheKirstyGray and I indulged in a cup of hot chocolate after a research session in the Family History Library. (Well it was a bit colder than recently).

Last minute shopping completed, we returned to pack out suitcases ready for the return to the UK and check in for our flights, only to be told our seats will be allocated at the departure gate _ “arghh” was my reaction. So if I don’t arrive back in the UK on the 15th of Feb, you will know we have been bounced off the flight, lost between SLC and Detroit and we will not be happy bunnies!

Catch up with me on the other side!




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