And The Winner Is……

Knowing at least two of the entrants to my competition personally, I decided to enlist the help of my grandson Toby in selecting a winner. He thought all the entries were pretty weird but eventually chose the word Progonoplexia

Being heartless, I will not tell you what it means, but trust you will all be scurrying off to search our old friend Google to find the answer. It is fair to say that it is a very appropriate word!

My competition to win a 3 day pass to RootsTech London in October is …..(drum roll) ….

RootsTech Ambassador Jill Ball, who entered in order to try and win a ticket for her husband Robert.  

Jill is a well known family historian and blogger in addition to compiling the geneadictionary which you can find here.

I have myself contrubuted two entries to the geneadictionary – gineology – “hic….consuming gin and tonic whilst discussing family history ” and Genie Chum – an English version of Genimate.

Well done Jill , and I look forward to meeting Robert again later this year in London.

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