Are you getting ready for RootsTech London?

Preparation is key to any successful trip.

By now you will probably have booked your accommodation, made your travel arrangements, organised your passport and checked if you need a visa or entry clearance if you are coming from abroad.

If you want to bring some home comforts have you checked the UK customs regulations about what can be brought in?

You might need to get to grips with the various modes of transport across London (and the UK in general if you are coming from abroad) This website has some useful suggestions.

And most of all, booked your ticket? There is still time to book a ticket to come to RootsTech London, and discounts are still available.

Visitors may want to visit some of our local archives/museums/libraries to research their ancestors whilst in the UK. Many, if not most, will require you to bring identification with you. Your passport or a driver’s photo licence will usually suffice for photo ID, but a recent utility bill or bank statement will be needed for proof of current address. If you use internet banking etc, you might want to print off the most recent statement. I once saw a gentleman unable to obtain a reader’s ticket to The National Archives in Kew as he had not brought the correct ID that day. So make sure you check the requirements for each and every place you want to visit to make sure you have the correct information to ensure you are not disappointed.

For the event itself make sure you have comfortable shoes. You will be on your feet for much of the day. Wear layered clothing. In October it is usually quite chilly in the mornings and evenings, even on sunny days. However, it can get uncomfortably warm inside venues, so the ability to remove or add a layer of clothing as necessary is always useful.

I prefer to use a backpack to store my “loot” in order to spread the weight of the contents across my shoulders. It also means I have both hands free when I am looking at items for sale, taking notes etc. A water bottle is a must, as are pencils and notepads or your electronic gadgets of choice for note taking in the presentations.

Don’t forget to bring chargers, and adapters. In the UK we use 3 pin plugs but if you forget to bring adapters, quite often the larger supermarkets and branches of Boots the Chemist sell travel items so might be able to help.

RootsTech London is going to be a great experience for us all and I hope to see you there.

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