Conference Etiquette

I thought it might be worthwhile to mention something about conference etiquette.

How many times have you sat in a presentation where attendees arrive late or leave the session early, often causing annoyance to other attendees and disturbing the presenter?

Or not turned off their mobile phone, or seem to spend more time twiddling with their phone throughout the session that listening to the speaker? That is discourteous to the speaker and other attendees. How about turning it off, or if you really need to keep it on, make sure it is in silent mode.

During the presentations, you may, or may not, be able to take photos of the presenter’s slides, so please respect any requests about not taking photographs. The presenter will have good reasons why photography is not permitted. I know that in my own presentation, strict conditions have been attached to my ability to use the material by the owner. I respect those conditions and I trust my audience members will too.

And finally , a little delicate but…..

If you think you might need to leave the presentation in order to make use of the facilities etc, please try and sit at the end of a row and towards the nearest exit in order that when you do get up to leave, you do not disrupt the enjoyment of others. Remember some of the presentations will be recorded so think : “Do I really want to feature in that video?” . It has been known to happen!

We all want to enjoy the amazing speakers who are presenting at RootsTech, so let us be courteous to them and to our colleagues, so we all enjoy the sessions.

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