RootsTech London Final Round Up

It has been a couple of weeks since I posted my RootsTech Day 3 Round Up, and since then I have been busy working on a presentation I will be delivering in Auckland at the Australia and New Zealand Society for the History of Medicine. I have also been updating some family history talks I will also be presenting in Auckland Library at the end of the month. Meaning I have not had much time to reflect on RootsTech London.

I have spoken to numerous friends and acquaintances with no experience of RootsTech who made it to London to ask them for their thoughts. The overwhelming reaction was favourable. Some of the issues predominantly concerned the venue in particular not having access to the food outlets on the upper floor Friday and the lack of sufficient places to replenish water bottles. £1.99 for a can, yes a 330ml can, of water was broadly described as “outrageous”.

On the plus side, people loved the variety of talks on offer and the Expo Hall. Several were able to make use of the bargains on offer from the vendors. Whilst some friends had reservations about having Donny Osmond as a Keynote speaker, virtually everyone happily admitted to having been wrong, and enjoyed his speech, the songs and family photographs.

For me the outstanding Keynote speaker was Dan Snow. His enthusiasm for history came across strongly. His knowledge of family history research is first rate. His message that we need to understand and accept that our ancestors may have feet of clay is a message worth repeating. We cannot change history.

No decision has been made about a further RootsTech taking place in London, but if they decide to return at some stage, I am sure they will have an audience ready and waiting.

Now that RootsTech London has been and gone, my current to do list includes preparing handouts for the sessions I will be presenting at RootsTech 2020 in Salt Lake City at the end of February on Scottish Research. These are entitled Scottish Research – the Basics and Scottish Research – More Unusual Resources.

I will also be fulfilling to role of Ambassador again and will shortly be announcing my competition to win a pass to RootsTech. Keep your eyes peeled!

Disclaimer: As a RootsTech Ambassador I receive complimentary admission to the event, invitations to some extra events and a free registration to give to one of my readers. I bear the cost of my travel, accommodation and meals to enable me to attend.

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